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Davos Klosters, Switzerland
A big town surrounded by a great Alpine playground.
Davos Klosters, Switzerland: an international town surrounded by a great Alpine playground.

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Davos was one of the original mega resorts, with slopes on a scale that few resorts can better, even today. But it's a difficult resort to like. It's easy to put up with slopes spread over separate mountains and relatively ancient, line prone lifts if that's the price of staying in a captivation Alpine village. But Davos is far from that.

Whether you forgive the flaws and fall for the resort depends on how highly you value three plus-points: the distinctive, long intermediate runs of the Parsenn area; being able to visit a different sector every day; and the considerable off-slope potential. We like all three, and we always look forward to visiting.

But you don't have to stay in Davos to enjoy its slopes: Klosters offers a much more captivating alternative. Despite royal connections, it is not exclusive - on the contrary, it has exceptionally welcoming places to stay. But it is less well placed than Davos for exploring all the mountains.

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What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Very extensive slopes

+ Some superb, long and mostly easy runs away from the lifts

+ Lots of off-slope, with lots of marked itineraries and some short tours

+ Good cross-country trails

+ Plenty to do off slopes: excellent sports facilities, pretty walks, good range of shopping

+ Some captivating mountain restaurants above Klosters

+ Klosters is an attractive village alternative base

Dreary block-style buildings of Davos spoil the views

Davos is a huge, city-like resort, rather plagued by traffic and lacking Alpine atmosphere

The slopes are spread over five or six essentially separate areas

Some access lifts are old and out-of-date, with long liftlines - especially the main funicular from Davos Dorf

Only one slope (black) back to Davos Dorf, which finishes 500m/one-third mile from town


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