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Saas Fee, Switzerland
Beautiful, car-free village with snowsure slopes on top of the world.
Saas Fee, Switzerland: Beautiful, car-free village with snowsure slopes on top of the world.

Saas-Fee is one of our favorite places. It oozes Swiss charm and the setting is stunning - spectacular glaciers and 4000m peaks surround the place. And good snow is guaranteed, even late in the season: the altitude you spend most of our time at - between 2500m/8200ft and 3500m/11500ft - is unrivaled in the Alps.

But we tend to drop in for a couple of days at a time, so the limited extent of the slopes never becomes a problem; for a week's holiday, it would. Top to bottom there is an impressive 1800m/5900ft vertical - but there aren't many alternative ways down. Keen, mileage-hungry intermediates should look elsewhere, as should experts (except those prepared to go touring). For the rest, it's a question of priorities and expectations.

Trail map
Town map
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What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Spectacular setting amid high peaks and glaciers

+ Traditional, 'traffic-free' village

+ Good percentage of high-altitude, snow sure slopes

+ Powerful lift access to highest slopes for year-round skiing

+ Good off slope facilities are banned

Disappointingly small area of slopes, with mainly easy runs

Glacier stifles off-slope potential

Much of the area is in shadow in midwinter - cold and dark

Bad weather can shut the slopes

Long village can mean quite a bit of walking to and from the slopes


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