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Sestriere, Italy
Built for snow - high, northwest-facing slopes and extensive snowmaking.
Sestriere, Italy: Built for snow with high, northwest-facing slopes and extensive snowmaking. Milky Way Skiing.

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Tucked in-between the sunny Susa and Chisone valleys, Sestriere is a friendly town with a mix of Italians and families coming to enjoy over 400 kilometers (249 miles) of pistes connected to the Milky Way. Sestriere was built for snow - high, with north-west-facing slopes - with extensive snowmaking. So if you are let down by the erratic snowfalls in this corner of Italy, you'll be safe here.

The town is not very charming. Yet it does host one mark of architectural genius—the circular hotel tower designed by Giovanni Agnelli in 1930 when Sestriere began its history as one of Italy's major ski resorts. One of the best things about skiing Sestriere is that you are in Italy. Your skier’s appetite will be well satisfied by Piedmont specialties and all the Italian favorites.

Turin hosted 2006 Winter Olympics and Sestriere was the site of many Olympic events.

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Town map
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What's Great
What's Not-So-Great

+ Part of the extensive Franco-Italian Milky Way area

+ Snow reliability is usually good, with extensive snowmaking backup

+ Local slopes suitable for most levels, with some tougher runs than most neighboring resorts

Much of the purpose-built village is scruffy

Situated at one extreme of the Milky Way area - so inconvenient for exploration of the whole network

Weekend and peak period liftlines

Little après-ski during the week


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